Marilou Purpura

Happy Hands Teacher

Since 2014


Soft spoken and full of smiles, Mrs. Purpura (also known to our students as Ms. Mari) is excited to be teaching her own classes this year.  Prior to Happy Hands, she taught art and gym at Kingswood Academy for three years, was a Teacher’s Aide at the Lemont Park District for two years, and has been very involved in the community.  A Lemont resident since 1986, Mrs. Purpura has an associates degree with a concentration in K-4 Elementary Education.  She’s been a Girl Scout leader for 30+ years, an AYSO soccer coach for 10+ years, and a Boy Scout parent for 10 years.  Marilou and her husband have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.  She keeps busy following her children and grandchildren at all of their events and in her spare time, she built a solar home with her husband.  Mrs. Purpura currently teaches 3’s and computer classes.

“I love working with children.  My goal is to ensure that my students have a positive school experience during these early years.  I hope they come to love school as much as I do!”